Dave Elliott

Dave Elliott teed up a fabulous Santa Ana Community Forum last week engaging community leaders in a 2-day intensive Fly Over exploring the 7 pillar community institutions that define the diverse city of Santa Ana.

Here are our  participants IMG_0657  who arrived on Thursday morning as individuals and left on Friday afternoon as co-collaborators.  All of our participants provided some feedback in their Forum Evaluation comments.  Let me share some meaningful morsels with you:

The Most Important Take Away:                                                                                                                          Critical connectionsThat’s #1 for me.                                                                                                                      Jason Holland, VP Community Engagement Segerstrom Center for the Arts

The power of connecting and collaborating to address growing community issues.                                                     Tim Strauch, VP & COO, OneOC

The most important Take-Away was how the community pillars interact with one another and how all seven impact each other in many ways.                                                                                                                                         Tony Perez, Marketing and Community Relations, KPC Health

Gathering information from a range of industries/topics to help UCI gear of its new engagement initiative.             Judith-Norris, Vice-Provost, Academic Planning UCI

There’s no shortage of potential partners in Santa Ana/OC…really appreciated the group and the guests.                 Drake Levasheff, Director of OC Campus, Azusa Pacific University

Change: I learned extremely valuable and applicable information that will allow me to connect with leaders and organizations to create positive change in the city.                                                                                               Judson Brown, Housing Manager, City of Santa Ana

There are excellent resources available in Santa Ana. Meeting the Forum member was very valuable as I plan to follow up to establish relationships that will benefit us all.  Thank you for your vision.                                          Linda Rose, President, Santa Ana College

Understanding of priorities for different sectors. Exciting to see the amazing things happening in the city.  Eye opening to all the positives!  Made great connections for collaboration.                                                               Sylvia Vazquez, Community Development Analyst, City of Santa Ana

Mike Weissman CSF Our participants appreciated the closing Business Pillar Presentation by Mike Weisman, Founder and President of Amusement Park. These sentiments represent the feeling of the participants:             The most important one for me was definitely the talk on values.  He really resonated with me personally and professionally, and I will take what I learned from Mike and apply it somehow to what I do.                                    Elizabeth Aguilar, COO Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Orange Coast

The Story of WE was on display in the Institute’s second annual Santa Ana Forum.   Dave, great job bringing together this year’s program of presenters and community participants.


Suite 700     EXPLORING NEUROLEADERSHIP     I would like to introduce you to an extraordinary OC Influencer for Good.  His name is Dr. Robert Adamik.  Over the last 10 years, Bob has become a professional colleague and friend to me.   He is a gifted professional who has energized and focused his life by being a prolific researcher and life-skills practitioner helping individuals discover how to think, act, relate and perform with excellence.  For more than 30 years, Bob’s professional world has been in HR guiding people to embrace their unique abilities and talents in their work world.

About ten years ago as the Great Recession hit America Bob created ETHOS.  The organization, ETHOS, became Bob’s gift to 1000’s of work professionals  to come together…network, re evaluate their professional tool set and stay inspired and purposeful while exploring a new place for their talents and skills.

It was during this period that Dr. Bob…how his many friends and colleagues call him…began what has become

his passionate exploration into the exciting world of neuroscience and leadership.  Now ten years later, Bob has read and synthesized over 50 books on brain research, psychology and leadership.  Bob is one of a growing community of national leaders and researchers helping business leaders understand how to lead,manage, collaborate and shape the now emerging, early 21st century story  called NeuroLeadership.

Last January, I invited Dr. Bob to present a highly interactive  workshop he has developed on his work with NeuroLeadership.  The workshop, NeuroLeadership and You was presented by Passkeys Foundation.

Our 27 attendees experienced a rich morning of discovery.  Bob’s skills as a Facilitator were simply outstanding.  In the months following the event, Bob and I have reviewed and evaluated the workshop and we have decided that we want to make this workshop available again to our Inspiration Impulse and Institute for Community Impact audiences.  So, we have a date, Saturday, Morning, July 15th, 9 am-12 Noon including breakfast at the Atrium Hotel off MacArthur across from JWA.

I am providing you with the link that will take you to  the  EXPLORING NEUROLEADERSHIP workshop and registration information.  On that Saturday you can join with other OC Influencers for a morning of extraordinary discovery that will push the needle of self discovery dramatically forward.  I promise that the tools and insights you will experience at this program can offer you a transformative look into your personal and professional life.

Here is the Event and Registration link.  Go learn.  Hope you can make it: Saturday, July 15th https://passkeysfoundation.regfox.com/exploring-neuroleadership-workshop

Have a great day.



IMG_9749 RTW

MUSINGS FROM MIDDLEBURG  My wife and I, along with another couple, are visiting mutual friends who have a farm in the crib of America, the great Commonwealth of Virginia. Their farm is just outside Middleburg, 45 minutes from Washington, D.C.

I can muse on our first three days using one word: Perspective.

National Historic Perspective: The farmlands of MIddleburg date back to 1792.  During the Civil War, a battle was fought between the  Confederate and Union Forces on land adjacent to the farm just 10 days before the Battle of Gettysburg.  The Springhouse that still exists on the farm property was a watering hole for the Confederate Calvary.

Today, while taking a countryside tour of grand rural properties, we came up to the closed gate of a farm estate Jack and Jaqueline Kennedy bought in 1963 and were planning to visit for the first time for a stay upon their return from Dallas, Texas, on November 22,1963.  That visit never happened.  Seventeen years later Ronald and Nancy Reagan would reside at this property during the Presidential transition following Reagan’s nomination.

Cultural Perspective: Roots   I am mindful of simplicity visiting the butcher store, the hardware store, the variety store… Each housed in old buildings.  In one deli store, which was once a bank, the large steel  doors that were once the entrance to the bank’s vault now serve as the entrance to wine storage.

Lifestyle Perspective.  No freeways anywhere. No Big Box Stores are to be found. No Malls, No McDonalds, No 4 corner intersection gas stations.  Churches have tall steeples and the brick and mortar looks really old. If you go inside a church, like we did in MIddleburg, you see marble-etched memorials of a churchman who served the vestry for sixty-plus years, dating back to the end  of the Civil War to the beginning of the Great Depression.

And if you want a bite to eat, you can dine in MIddleBurg at the oldest, continuously running Inn in the United States,which dates back to 1792.

Perspective.  We have had a wonderful experience immersing ourselves in the crib of America.  Tomorrow, we take off on a short three day road trip where we will experience, the Blue Ridge Mountains, Madison’s Montpellier, Jefferson’s Monticello, Richmond and then up to DC for a long weekend in our nation’s Capitol.

No, I haven’t been invited to give an address before a Joint Session of Congress, Darn it!  However, I do have the title of my message, whenever I do get asked: WE, The People, Shapers of Influence for Good.

From what perspective would I offer this message?  The message that is the bedrock of the American Perspective: E pluribus Unum: Out of many, One.   This is a major American perspective for remembrance in this first quarter of the 21st century.

On the Inspiration Impulse Road with Russ!



2 UNIQUE INFLUENCER EVENTS THIS JUNE & JULY    I am writing today’s Inspiration Impulse Post from Monterey, CA., where my oldest daughter, son-in-law and family live.

While my wife visits her sister at Avila Beach, I am experiencing a Grandad-Nanny Workweek assisting the family through a hectic scheduling transition while exploring getting a new nanny.   No, I am not rehearsing for a permanent position as Mrs. Doubtfire #2 because they know I won’t last!   For me, it’s an early-to-rise; early-to-bed agenda.

With that bit of extra-curricular news, let me get on with the business of the two events coming toward us.  Check your calendar to see if either or both of these programs are of interest.

Santa Ana Community Leadership Forum is set for Thursday, June 15th, (8 am-5pm); Friday, June 16th.       (8 am-2pm).   This program is a featured event of the Institute for Community Impact.  The 2-Day intensive workshop focuses on the (7) Pillars of Influence in our community.   You and other attendees will learn from outstanding Santa Ana leaders focusing on unmet, partially unmet needs; potential solutions and opportunities for involvement in the Santa Ana Community.

The event will be held at the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce Board Room.  Meals will be included.  Dave Elliott, Institute Founder, will facilitate the Forum with Pillar presentations representing:  Family & Social Services, Faith, Arts & Entertainment, Business, Education, Government, and Healthcare.

Be inspired to become a community Influencer for Good who, with others, can make a difference addressing unmet needs and solutions.   To reserve your spot, connect with Dave at dlelliottconnector@gmail.com.

Leadership In Heels presents He Said, She Said Thursday July 27th, 7-9 am at the Center Club.   Scharrell Jackson, a great supporter of Passkeys Foundation and the work of the Institute for Community Impact, has created during the past two years a  special quarterly breakfast event supporting OC professional women leaders in the workplace.

As a mentor and friend to Scharrell’s emerging role as a major voice of Influence for Good in Orange County, she is celebrating the 2nd anniversary of her Leadership In Heels breakfast programs with an ever-engaging topic of on how men and women use distinct lenses through which they filter their personal and professional self.   On the 27th, the He Said,She Said  program will be an engaging moderated panel discussion involving four OC men influencers tackling some of the subtle and not-so-subtle differences   professionals experience while pursuing productive outcomes at home, at work and in the community.

The 4 panelists are: Khary Espy, Vice-President, Relationship Manager-Northern Trust; John Cavalieri, Executive VP, Product Management, PIMCO;  Richard Franzi, CEO Critical Mass for Business and yours truly, Russell Williams, Founder and President of Passkeys Foundation.

Yes, women and men are highly encouraged to be part of this thought-provoking dialogue and discussion.  To make your reservation, go to: http://lih-fromamanspointofview.eventbrite.com.  This is a high-energy low-time commitment engagement for great people to get together.  Be one of ’em!

June and July…Influence for Good Events.  Check out your calendar!  Get  involved.



INSTITUTE’S LEADERSHIP BREAKFAST A WINNER     What a fantastic morning at the Center Club on Tuesday as the Institute for Community Impact founded by Dave Elliott, presented its second breakfast program attended by nearly 100 OC community professionals.

What was exciting? The energy of the Collaborative WE!  I had planned to have pictures to salt and pepper into today’s Post but our photographer was unable to attend at the last moment so all I have are words…so let me share a few….which, as you know, is never a problem for me!   HAHA.

We heard inspirational, storytelling messages of hope about domestic abuse from Maricela Rios-Faust, CEO of  Human Options.  We were captivated with the messaging of science, kids and nature from Manny Kiesser, VP of Inside The Outdoors Foundation.   Lee de Leon, President and Yanet Gonzalez, Ex. Director of Development of Templo Calvario Community Development Corporation engaged our OC Influencers with information about the education and training of young entrepreneurs in Santa Ana.

The breakfast attendees went to work at their tables as each Presenter offered the strategic challenge their organization presented, seeking counsel, contacts and new considerations.  What was amazing…once again…was to watch, listen, hear and understand just how much GIGANTIC influence of  human capital there is in  an audience invited to engage in purposeful problem-solving.

Influencers for Good at work together…at tables talking with sincere interest…was followed by Table Reports. Dave Elliott moved from table to table  passing the mic to individuals to throw out a special pearl from their table.

The energy of Carpe Diem ,Seize the Moment, was evident as the The story of WE Collaboration was alive and electric.  What a wow!

And the follow up?  Well, in the next two weeks each of our three non profits will host a gathering at their offices with Institute Influencer Attendees who have signed up to spend another 1 1/2 hours to explore a deeper dive into the strategic challenge  issues and  the opportunities for breakthrough to take a challenge to the doorway of an action plan.

It’s exciting to be the room with such fine people… each of whom experienced the engagement of WE found in the connections of care, clarity and common commitment to the greater good of our community.

Way to Go….non profit leaders for setting the table for the dance of collaboration that is the hope-filled message of the 21st century.

A big thank you, as well, to our Series Sponsor, HW-FinalLogo300dpi  and Logo for Ultimate Software - in color with tagline our  May Leadership Breakfast Sponsor.

Back with you on Friday.  Until then,   deliver a bit of influence for good in the backyard of your life called family, work and community with a smile of I’ m on your team; a word of encouragement; or a stop, listen and pay attention moment with someone who needs you to do just that!

OC Influencer’s 10 Suggestions To Live Well

IMG_9756 RTW

OC Influencer’s 10 Suggestions To Live Well  Over the last four years I’ve gotten to know a good man, Pat Hobert,   through my participation in Christians In Commerce(CIC).

Last Friday, Pat was the CIC Presenting Speaker.  Before he started his talk to the group, he handed out an envelope with the words, Do Not Open, written on the front.  Pat didn’t reference the content of the envelope during his talk…which by the way was a Hobert Gem of thoughtful insight.

It wasn’t until I got home that I opened the envelope.  There was a little card inside that had these words written on it:

10 Suggestions To Live Well   Reading Pat’s 10 suggestions, it was obvious to me that he has been working many years  learning his personal lessons about these 10 subjects. But before I go further, I want you to get a glimpse of Pat’s view on how to live a life of influence  that brings good to your life and to the lives of others.

  1. Trust in God, not yourself.
  2. Work to excel, not compete
  3. Keep only cheerful friends
  4. Stay curious and keep learning
  5. Enjoy the simple things
  6. Laugh often
  7. Cherish your health
  8. Don’t take guilt trips
  9. Apologize when you should
  10. Say, “I love you” to the ones you love

Pat’s 10 Suggestions are personal life discoveries he’s acquired.  They are not just ideas. They are Shapers and Motivators for this man.

Many years ago it became obvious to me there is a major chasm that divides life Drifters from Life Creators.  The Drifters don’t carry a compass for action on their life journey; The Creators have a compass and it serves as trusted guidance on both bumpy and smooth life conditions.

Pat did not get handed his 10 Suggestions by someone.  He  uncovered them in the falling, the skating, the stumbling and the stabilizing of lots of experiences in his life.   Men and women of influence for Good become Creators by finding and then using their compass to guide them.

I began seeking to define my compass of influence for good as a teenager and accelerated my exploration into my mid-30’s. In that time period, I explored the meaning of Moses’ 10 Commandments;  studied and wrote about Jesus’ 8 Be-Attitudes;  inquired into Buddha’s 8-Fold Path.

As I took my life journey further into my 30’s and 40’s  I continually  noticed how well-known world voices of influence for good, as well as notable writers on the power of the mind, all discovered their compass  that kept them moving on their life journey.   By the late 1980’s into the opening years of the 21st century, I found I was moving with my life compass, the Integrity Assets.

No doubt you, my Inspiration Impulse Reader, know something about your compass. You may not have written it down but you could and it might be fun for you to do so like   Pat did. Write it down.  Declare what you know is YOU…pursuing a journey of influence for good guarded and encouraged by the Creator who is your Alpha and Omega.

I hope many of you reading today’s Post will be attending next Tuesday’s OC Influencers Leadership Breakfast.   It is a “Get Engaged Morning where you will be surrounded by great people and thought-provoking conversation serving 3 non profits in their exploration of getting insight into a strategic challenge.

Here’s where you can sign up to make your reservation:


Have a great Wednesday.




Templo Calvario CDC: OC Magnet of Influence for Good

IMG_9756 RTW

Templo Calvario CDC: OC Magnet of Influence for Good   We’re just two weeks out from our May 16th Influential Leadership Breakfast  presented by the Institute for Community Impact.  Today, I want to hi-lite the 3rd non-profit that will be making its Strategic Challenge presentation to an audience of OC professionals.

The CDC was launched by a church with a ninety-year history  of compassion.   Today, the CDC is a non-profit with a mission that works with”key communities and stakeholders to unite, build and transform communities.”  The primary focus of the organization is to serve the families of Santa Ana in four ways:

Education Focus The Edward B. Cole Sr. Academy is a K-5 Charter School serving low income families in the heart of Santa Ana.

Banking on Our Youth: A program that helps the youth of the city improve their understanding of financial concepts and empowers them to make right decisions to improve their financial well-being.

Finances Focus  now in development:  Family Financial Center and Finances & Business Services to train and assist in  credit worthiness, home and business ownership

Parenting Focus   Santa Ana Parent Project: A parent training program that utilizes the Raising High Capable Kids curriculum to provide parents the skills to develop key life-changing assets in the lives of the children.

Family Leadership is a program now in development that is being created to equip parents to be leaders in their home and community.

Fatih Focus   The Kingdom Group is a coalition of faith-based leaders from many community professionals committed to  the peace and prosperity of the city.  Initiatives have been created to focus on key projects and groups with the engagement of city leaders in targeted sectors and neighborhoods of Santa Ana

Templo Calvario’s Community Development Corporation has received national recognition for promising practices by the US Department of Labor, the Center for Faith-based Community Initiatives and the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

On May 16th you will have the opportunity to get engaged in an engaging dialogue with OC leaders to provide ideas, insights, recommendation regarding the CDC strategic challenge presented by Yanet Gonzalez.

Is your calendar open on the morning of the 16th? I  hope so and if so…here is the link to make your reservation: https://eventbrite.com/e/influential-leadership-breakfast-may-tickets-33650161539.

Make your Wednesday marvelous!

Russ &The Inspiration Impulse