PASSIONATELY CURIOUS    “I have no special talent.  I am only passionately curious.”   It’s hard to imagine these are Albert Einstein’s words.   Incredible, huh!  The most brilliant thinker of the 20th century knew himself to be curious, not brainy cerebral.

I’m intrigued by the passion of curiosity and how easily it is lost in adulthood. I love experiencing the passionate curiosity of children.  At the beach it is a delight to watch children play at the shoreline as they thrill to a rolling wave pursuing them with undeniable power.   A child knows delight and wants to feel delight.    Feeling the passionate curiosity of a wave rolling up against the shore fires the synapses of FUN in a young child with a curious mind.

Why do we adults forsake curiosity and pursue certainty?  I bet you have a thought on that big Roundhouse question.   Is a child’s mind more nimble than an adult mind. Neurologically, yes.  As we age neglected synapses atrophy.   One of the important findings about brain health is that the brain thrives like a muscle.  if we don’t exercise it, neglect, it or abuse it, the brain atrophies.

Do you think a child’s mind is infinitely more curious than an adult mind?  Maybe not.  Maybe a vitally alive mind like Einstein’s was so because of his constant curiosity to pursue the NEW.

Neuroscience is a rich, new topic for exploration.  Are you curious to go exploring into the world of neuroscience and you?  We have re-scheduled our Neuroleadership and You Workshop.

Dr. Bob Adamik is our Workshop Presenter and Facilitator.   He is an  energizer bunny of passionate Wow about  the  world of neuroscience and its application to our mission as leaders at work and in our communities of influence.

There is a saying in Neuroleadership “Neurons that fire together wire together.”  This is a day to  come together,  learn together and fire up new insights about our personal and professional life.  You will experiences lots of new techniques, exercises, readings and thought provoking concepts.
The workshop, presentation and exercises offer insightful, enriching, energizing exploration that includes:
Regulate Emotions       Decision Making /Problem Solving         Collaboration/Teams Facilitating Change
Saturday, September 16,  2017
Atrium Hotel  18700 MacArthur Blvd.  Newport Beach across from JWA.  9: 00 am  to 12:00 am
Register beginning Tomorrow, Thursday, Aug. 3rd.  Use this link to register:
There is a saying in Neuroleadership: “Neurons that fire together wire together.”  So, if we can come together and learn together, we can experience our passionate curiosity for life.   There are lots of new techniques, exercises, readings and thought provoking concepts that will help you become an “Influencer for Good.”
Who Should Attend this  Neuroleadership Workshop?
Those who want a creative leadership style
Those who want to discover new patterns of relating with others. better relate to others
Those who want to gain knowledge to re-energized yourself.
Those who want to pursue the behaviors of passionately curious people.
A HUGE Bonus awaits each participant.Special Offering of a professional Personality Assessment valued at $1,000  prepared for you by Dr. Bob.
 Join with me  as we find something today that fuels our curiosity about this thing called Life.

Patience Attains The Goal!

IMG_9755 RTW

Patience Attains The Goal!   Can I offer you and me a mini Patience Workshop using under 500 words about the most challenging, ongoing life lesson most of us experience? let me give it a go!

“The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.”  I am not proud of the fact that I continue to want to smash the egg rather than let it hatch.  My ‘get it done right now’ MO can be a recipe for annoyance particularly when timing plans are not altogether in your hands.

Enter Leo Tolstoy: “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”  These two are not enemies.  Yet, we/I can make them adversaries.  How do we make time and our seeming impatience slow down long enough to find a renewed perspective?  Here is a simple reminder to put these two together as buddies: It came to pass and not to stay.

This leads me to Ralph Waldo Emerson,  “Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.”  Can we/I claim a new rhythm quickly so as not to waste our emotional energy on what we think should be, but isn’t?  The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’ as we quickly shift our focus from what is not in our control and re-direct our attention to doing something that is in our control.  literally, a 2-3 minute power focus on a focused To-Do will become the patience restorer.

Finally, two wisdom voices…Tertullian from antiquity and Elon Musk from today:  Musk wrote, “Patience is as virtue. I’m learning. It’s a tough lesson.  And Tetullian, “Hope is patience with the lamp lit.”

I like to think that the wisdom of the ages is lifetime work and is not for the faint hearted.  When it comes to the virtue of pastience, perennial hopefulness is always in play when we see our quest of mastering virtues as a meaningful way for us to keep the lamp of lifetime learning burning brightly.

What say you?  My word count is 349. Perhaps you, my Inspiration Impulse reader, has a few words to add.

THE LISTENER: Caretaker of Respect

Respect Quote

THE LISTENER:  Caretaker of Respect  “We were given two ears, but only one mouth because listening is twice as hard as talking.”  Those words are from Larry Alan Nadig, PhD, clinical psychologist & Marriage and Family Counselor.    Is he saying something important about how to measure our effectiveness as a capable, competent and caring professional person?  I believe so.

The professional world is a game of contribution.  The recognition of our workplace contribution is defined by the respect we give and receive for the services we render.  While it is true that much of what we consider to be workplace contribution is defined by what we provide as ideas, good and services, and information, is it possible that our greatest contribution is our capacity to first NOT open our mouth, but silence it for the purpose of  listening with an attentive (non-reactive) mind and heart.

I believe we all become more highly respected professionals…regardless of our workplace skills….as we continue to fine-tune our abilities as a highly-attuned listener.

Enter Dr.  Larry with some precise guidance on growing your listening game. The big, bright, sweet spot of effective listening is the ability to reflect back what you have heard.  Reflective listening is not simply a counseling tool.  It is a tool to communicate you have listened well.  Reflective listening is not being a mindless parrot.   Dr. Nadig defines five areas of reflective listening that can be turnkeys in discussions, a negotiations,  disagreements, consensus seeking.

Depending on the purpose of the interaction and your understanding of what is relevant in your role as a Listener, you can become a  power-player of perception as you discern which of these 5 elements are in play as you seek to communicate you “heard it…you got the message”

A.  Account of the facts:  This is Level One.   Clarifying what is and what isn’t so.

B.  Thoughts and beliefs: This is Level Two:  Clarifying underlying attitudes, thought processes, assumptions.

C.  Feelings and Emotions:  This is Level Three.  Clarifying the fireworks that may be smoldering or burning.

D.  Wants, Needs or Motivations: This is Level Four.  Clarifying what is wanted and why it is so.

E.  Hopes and Expectations:  This is Level Five:  Clarifying trust being built beyond the interaction.

I just bet that you, My Inspiration Impulse Reader, can quickly apply any one or several of these Levels of Reflective Listening that are at play with a professional interaction you experienced yesterday, will experience tomorrow or are anticipating  a revisit with a client or professional associate strengthened  by you immediate understanding of these 5 levels.

The game of Listening is one that is built on trust and respect.  Grow your Listening Game today!

Neuroleadership Workshop Can Change Your Life

 Suite 700

Dr. Bob Adamik

Neuroleadership Workshop Can Change Your Life    Neuroscience has exploded over the past fifteen years. You may be surprised to know that 50,000 scientists around the world have come together in 7 international summits to exchange information on the brain.
In the United States alone there are over 60 labs that research the brain every day. Their findings have been shared with the public to help you understand how the brain can help control your life career and destiny.
Bob will cover the basics and give you an inspirational view of this new science called -NEUROLEADERSHIP!
COST $182 .00 Breakfast Included
Saturday, July 15, 2017
Atrium Hotel  18700 MacArthur Blvd Irvine, CA 92612   9:00 am  to 12:00 am
Exploring Neuroleadership
There are several schools of thought on Neuroleadership. There have been many advancements in
technology. With Neuroimaging using MRI’s, EEG’s and PET scans we can now see inside the brain at a
molecular level and measure and trace neurons, the electro-chemical foundation of “thought.”  We have new insights to regulate our emotions, problem solve, collaborate and team build, and facilitate change in our era.
These four tenants form the basis for Neuroleadership.
There is a saying in Neuroleadership “Neurons that fire together wire together.”  So, if we can come together and learn together we will be able to balance our lives. There are lots of new techniques, exercises, readings and thought provoking concepts that will help you become an “Influencer for Good.”
The workshop, presentation and exercises offer insights to a transformed life:
Regulate Emotions       Decision Making /Problem Solving         Collaboration/Teams Facilitating Change
Brain Basics    Emotional Domains    Mindfulness     Positive  Atmosphere  Aha  Moments  Healthy Mind Platter
Mirror Neurons        SCARF Model      Employee Engagement      Personality  Assessment     Neuroplasticity  Stress Reduction
Who Should Attend this  Neuroleadership Workshop?
Those who want a creative leadership style
Those who want to better relate to others
Those who want to gain knowledge for a better “you”
Those who want to shape positive behavior
Special Offering: Included is a professional Personality Assessment valued at $1,000
Don’t miss out on a transformative morning:  Register today:


Dave Elliott

Dave Elliott teed up a fabulous Santa Ana Community Forum last week engaging community leaders in a 2-day intensive Fly Over exploring the 7 pillar community institutions that define the diverse city of Santa Ana.

Here are our  participants IMG_0657  who arrived on Thursday morning as individuals and left on Friday afternoon as co-collaborators.  All of our participants provided some feedback in their Forum Evaluation comments.  Let me share some meaningful morsels with you:

The Most Important Take Away:                                                                                                                          Critical connectionsThat’s #1 for me.                                                                                                                      Jason Holland, VP Community Engagement Segerstrom Center for the Arts

The power of connecting and collaborating to address growing community issues.                                                     Tim Strauch, VP & COO, OneOC

The most important Take-Away was how the community pillars interact with one another and how all seven impact each other in many ways.                                                                                                                                         Tony Perez, Marketing and Community Relations, KPC Health

Gathering information from a range of industries/topics to help UCI gear of its new engagement initiative.             Judith-Norris, Vice-Provost, Academic Planning UCI

There’s no shortage of potential partners in Santa Ana/OC…really appreciated the group and the guests.                 Drake Levasheff, Director of OC Campus, Azusa Pacific University

Change: I learned extremely valuable and applicable information that will allow me to connect with leaders and organizations to create positive change in the city.                                                                                               Judson Brown, Housing Manager, City of Santa Ana

There are excellent resources available in Santa Ana. Meeting the Forum member was very valuable as I plan to follow up to establish relationships that will benefit us all.  Thank you for your vision.                                          Linda Rose, President, Santa Ana College

Understanding of priorities for different sectors. Exciting to see the amazing things happening in the city.  Eye opening to all the positives!  Made great connections for collaboration.                                                               Sylvia Vazquez, Community Development Analyst, City of Santa Ana

Mike Weissman CSF Our participants appreciated the closing Business Pillar Presentation by Mike Weisman, Founder and President of Amusement Park. These sentiments represent the feeling of the participants:             The most important one for me was definitely the talk on values.  He really resonated with me personally and professionally, and I will take what I learned from Mike and apply it somehow to what I do.                                    Elizabeth Aguilar, COO Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Orange Coast

The Story of WE was on display in the Institute’s second annual Santa Ana Forum.   Dave, great job bringing together this year’s program of presenters and community participants.


Suite 700     EXPLORING NEUROLEADERSHIP     I would like to introduce you to an extraordinary OC Influencer for Good.  His name is Dr. Robert Adamik.  Over the last 10 years, Bob has become a professional colleague and friend to me.   He is a gifted professional who has energized and focused his life by being a prolific researcher and life-skills practitioner helping individuals discover how to think, act, relate and perform with excellence.  For more than 30 years, Bob’s professional world has been in HR guiding people to embrace their unique abilities and talents in their work world.

About ten years ago as the Great Recession hit America Bob created ETHOS.  The organization, ETHOS, became Bob’s gift to 1000’s of work professionals  to come together…network, re evaluate their professional tool set and stay inspired and purposeful while exploring a new place for their talents and skills.

It was during this period that Dr. Bob…how his many friends and colleagues call him…began what has become

his passionate exploration into the exciting world of neuroscience and leadership.  Now ten years later, Bob has read and synthesized over 50 books on brain research, psychology and leadership.  Bob is one of a growing community of national leaders and researchers helping business leaders understand how to lead,manage, collaborate and shape the now emerging, early 21st century story  called NeuroLeadership.

Last January, I invited Dr. Bob to present a highly interactive  workshop he has developed on his work with NeuroLeadership.  The workshop, NeuroLeadership and You was presented by Passkeys Foundation.

Our 27 attendees experienced a rich morning of discovery.  Bob’s skills as a Facilitator were simply outstanding.  In the months following the event, Bob and I have reviewed and evaluated the workshop and we have decided that we want to make this workshop available again to our Inspiration Impulse and Institute for Community Impact audiences.  So, we have a date, Saturday, Morning, July 15th, 9 am-12 Noon including breakfast at the Atrium Hotel off MacArthur across from JWA.

I am providing you with the link that will take you to  the  EXPLORING NEUROLEADERSHIP workshop and registration information.  On that Saturday you can join with other OC Influencers for a morning of extraordinary discovery that will push the needle of self discovery dramatically forward.  I promise that the tools and insights you will experience at this program can offer you a transformative look into your personal and professional life.

Here is the Event and Registration link.  Go learn.  Hope you can make it: Saturday, July 15th

Have a great day.



IMG_9749 RTW

MUSINGS FROM MIDDLEBURG  My wife and I, along with another couple, are visiting mutual friends who have a farm in the crib of America, the great Commonwealth of Virginia. Their farm is just outside Middleburg, 45 minutes from Washington, D.C.

I can muse on our first three days using one word: Perspective.

National Historic Perspective: The farmlands of MIddleburg date back to 1792.  During the Civil War, a battle was fought between the  Confederate and Union Forces on land adjacent to the farm just 10 days before the Battle of Gettysburg.  The Springhouse that still exists on the farm property was a watering hole for the Confederate Calvary.

Today, while taking a countryside tour of grand rural properties, we came up to the closed gate of a farm estate Jack and Jaqueline Kennedy bought in 1963 and were planning to visit for the first time for a stay upon their return from Dallas, Texas, on November 22,1963.  That visit never happened.  Seventeen years later Ronald and Nancy Reagan would reside at this property during the Presidential transition following Reagan’s nomination.

Cultural Perspective: Roots   I am mindful of simplicity visiting the butcher store, the hardware store, the variety store… Each housed in old buildings.  In one deli store, which was once a bank, the large steel  doors that were once the entrance to the bank’s vault now serve as the entrance to wine storage.

Lifestyle Perspective.  No freeways anywhere. No Big Box Stores are to be found. No Malls, No McDonalds, No 4 corner intersection gas stations.  Churches have tall steeples and the brick and mortar looks really old. If you go inside a church, like we did in MIddleburg, you see marble-etched memorials of a churchman who served the vestry for sixty-plus years, dating back to the end  of the Civil War to the beginning of the Great Depression.

And if you want a bite to eat, you can dine in MIddleBurg at the oldest, continuously running Inn in the United States,which dates back to 1792.

Perspective.  We have had a wonderful experience immersing ourselves in the crib of America.  Tomorrow, we take off on a short three day road trip where we will experience, the Blue Ridge Mountains, Madison’s Montpellier, Jefferson’s Monticello, Richmond and then up to DC for a long weekend in our nation’s Capitol.

No, I haven’t been invited to give an address before a Joint Session of Congress, Darn it!  However, I do have the title of my message, whenever I do get asked: WE, The People, Shapers of Influence for Good.

From what perspective would I offer this message?  The message that is the bedrock of the American Perspective: E pluribus Unum: Out of many, One.   This is a major American perspective for remembrance in this first quarter of the 21st century.

On the Inspiration Impulse Road with Russ!