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If we expect to create any drive…any real force within ourselves…we have to get excited.  Earl Nightingale

What are 3 Get-Excited Drivers?

You don’t have to be young to be excited about life.  Sure, it doesn’t hurt!  I’ve been to lots of events, sporting in particular, where the Driver of excitement had nothing to do with age!

But the thrill of victory vs. the agony of defeat is not the sole frame of reference to understand this Force called “Getting Excited.”  What does it take to get excited about this day…known as every day?   What’s involved in juicing the psyche of an individual to choose to get into the Driver’s seat of great expectancy?  There are three powerful life skills.  I have been mentored by three people who came my way to grow my understanding of the consciousness of the Choice Maker who is constantly transforming life at home, at work and in the community.

Before venturing into the life skills, let me address the Elephant in the Room…Nobody escapes challenges!  Suffering, hardship, difficulty, hurt…in whatever form it takes…visits everyone.   What’s amazingly true about suffering is this: we know or have read about people who have faced  hardship yet their Get-Excited Drivers have not been diminished.  So, the Elephant in the Room has a common lesson: most circumstances are not the cause for diminished drive.

Let’s explore the 3 Get-Excited Drivers!

Get-Excited Driver #1: The Secret  Something special awaits you:  You know it and you feel it.  You’re not here today to re-live yesterday.   This I learned from a mentor, Jimmy Adamson.   At an important lunch meeting in 1986 Jimmy told me something that has stuck.   He said, “Life goes before you and is awaiting  your response to greet you as you walk into each day.”  He had a special name for life moving before us, inviting us forward.  He called it prevenient grace…the Good that goes before us.

Getting Excited with this Driver speaks to something compelling: Every day is packaged with a secret.  Only you know when you experience the secret!  Your anticipation of the secret creates forward movement…even when present circumstances at home or work may seem difficult or harsh.

Get Excited Driver #2: The Reminder  You have something to give to someone.  You know it and you feel it.   You are a contributor.   You may not always understand the What of your contribution.   But, that you acknowledge yourself as the Contributor is a compelling force for life engagement.  My friend, Ed Wales, was my mentor for Driver #2.  Talk about hard circumstances…that was Ed’s life.  He lost a leg in WW II; He lost his other leg to diabetes.  Ed required help from others.   But, Ed understood reciprocity.  He was not a poor me Taker; He was a wealthy Giver.   Ed showered people with love, particularly children and youth.  At church, he was a magnet for the Little ones and the Big ones.  You couldn’t be around Ed without standing an inch taller!   Instinctively, Ed was a 110%  All-In.    

Get Excited Driver #3: The Grabber You are not here by accident.  You know it and you feel it.  You are purposed for Meaning.  This is your daily touchstone.  Life is living itself through your thoughts, feelings, actions and relationships.  You did not create yourself.   Life created you for this time…for purposeful learning.

My friend, Alicia West, was my mentor of Driver #3.  She lost a young adult daughter to drugs.  She lost a second daughter to cancer.   She personally fought cancer on two occasions.  But Alicia came to write her story of good in the Book of Life.   She used all of what Life gave her.  She grabbed it and made her life a laboratory for learning joy.

You are writing a story in the Book of Life whether it be  20 years, 50 years, or 100 years.  Regardless of its length, your story in the Book of life is intended to be practiced as The Learner.

Today is a new day for each  of us to thrill to the tasking of The Learner.

You have to make it happen.  Denis Diderot

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