Dr. Adam Blatner
Author, MD-Psychiatrist, Spiritual Explorer

413 Russ, there is a world Beyond Being Normal.  I have come to accept myself as a bit odd in my tastes and in my overall behavior.  Oh, I seem normal. I guess you could even say I am for the most part…normal.   But I do have a streak of “way-out-there”-ness that I can’t help.   Some friends, like you, enjoy this facet of me and so I’ve stopped trying to get others to see the world as I do.

As you know I like to pretend…sometimes…that I’m part elf or leprechaun.  But, you pointed out to me “Who will care, listen or read the remarks of a leprechaun?”  You’ve got a good point, Russ…or maybe you don’t!   In my own mind the leprechaun is a literary device for reaching into alternative realities…ie…what just might indeed be the world-view-of-other-worldly creatures? So, I do enjoy playing with this sort of world of alternative awareness.

315leprechaun2On occasion, the elf shows up on my website or in the creation of my cartoons I have enjoyed creating over the years. Russ, I used to try to be normal. I figured that was a requirement for being accepted. I’ve since realized that if one doesn’t make too much of a fuss about it, one can slip by, do one’s own thing discreetly, conform in most situations in which conformity is the norm, and get by.  So, in this playful little world I sometimes visit called  Beyond Being Normal, I confess to friends, “I’m part elf.”   And the response?  Often they’ll say, “Oh, we knew that.”
Russ Williams
Author, Values Educator, Inspirational Influencer  Adam, I have come to know you over the years as a spirited, joyous Life Adventurer who is quite comfortable exploring a Way Out Wednesday world which today I have named Beyond Being Normal in this post.

red-skelton 2When I consider the lives of gifted individuals who have used their talents to invite us to go Beyond Being Normal,  here is one who comes to mind. I know the Boomers reading this post will immediately see the great comedic genius, Red Skelton, in one of his famous character roles: Freddie The Freeloader.  What was so genius about this character?  We found ourselves in Freddie. He was us…in some small way…just like the Elf.  He took us to the place  called Beyond Being Normal…where everyone has something interesting and unusual to offer.

So to expand the story of Adam the Elf and Red as Freddie, I know you are an exceptional educator and author about the story of the multiple Roles we play in our life journey.  Our Readers do not know how you have devoted years of research, presentations, writings and workshops in the investigation of The Art of Play, one of your books.

Your personal/professional journey of moving Beyond Being Normal has not only served your growth as an individual but you have also been a source of insight to many others who you have been guided to explore the many dimensions of self we all play exercising our influence for good at home, at work and in the community.

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