A Monday-Friday Workweek Blog

What is The Inspiration Impulse?  It’s a small contribution of insight, information, discovery, and recognition that WE…citizens of a small world community guided by the extravagant light of God…can intentionally hear, see, feel, touch, and experience the pulse-beat of hopefulness in a world thoroughly mesmerized by the daily drumbeat of negative drama.

Why a blog focused on daily inspiration?   More importantly, why make it part of your busy life? There’s one huge reason: Daily, we need to think, feel, choose to be the purposeful pulse-beat of hopefulness…stirring the imaginative juices of our personal and professional influence for good… in a world filled with endless, negative drama.

The Inspirational Impulse is a Monday-Friday workweek blog providing a distinctively different, daily morsel of inspiration:

Monday Morning Magic explores the week’s Noble Motivation.

Tuesday Tantalizing Tidbit explores, uncovers, discovers Something Good somewhere.

Way-Out Wednesday Dr. Adam Blatner and Russ Williams present a provocative dialogue one  Big Idea to expand your sense of self.

Thursday Theatre showcases Russ interviewing An Influencer for Good

Friday WE Alliance Watch a brief You Tube video weaving humanity’s heart hunger to experience interconnected, mutual meaning.