Russ Williams is thrilled to offer his inspirational keynote address for your company or non-profit’s special event or annual gala.

In 2012 Russ spent a special year writing in the Passkeys Foundation  weekly newsletter about 50+ people…The Well-Known and The Unknown…who walked into his life as mentors, guides, encouragers, and messengers.  Each person, whether for a brief encounter, a year, or many years, revealed to Russ a significant life lesson in the big Mega-Life Story…Everyone carries the priceless gift of influence for good.

 It is this Mega-Life Story that Russ has decided to communicate…live and in person…with audiences of Influencers for Good.

No doubt you’re familiar with these names: Martin Luther King Jr., John Wooden, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Dennis Prager, Norman Vincent Peale, Leo Buscaglia, Peace Pilgrim, Art Linkletter. These Notables joined by other extraordinary but publicly unknown individuals, came Russ’ way from the mid-1950’s to the present.

These individuals from Russ’ life journey represent an extraordinary library of inspirational stories he has for presentation as you consider him to be your unique Keynote Speaker, presenting They Came My Way…Our Influence for Good.

Russ gives much attention to the personalized presentation of each They Came My Way keynote message to serve the specific mission of the event organizers. He works with the event program manager to select just the right stories and their accompanying life values themes to serve the touching, vibrant messaging that the organization seeks its event attendees will experience.

When Russ takes the stage as the storyteller, he joyfully and poignantly presents an uplifting, heartfelt and engaging message celebrating the mutual privilege every person can aspire to pursue making contributions of influence for good in the world they touch daily at home, at work and in the community.

For information about the They Came My Way keynote address presented by Russ Williams, call the foundation office or send an email inquiry. 949-770-7602