Problems, professional and personal, are part of life. Russell Williams has been helping people with their problems for 37 years. The first 18 were spent as a pastor meeting with hundreds of people coping with, managing or resolving small and big problems. For the last 19 years as President of Passkeys Foundation, Russ has regularly served as a trusted confidante to professionals, like you, who connected with me, oftentimes unplanned, for the purpose of spending quality time to talk about a problem. In these years meeting people, I‘ve continually encountered the significant Sweet Spot. It’s this:  When a person’s desire to look at a specific problem is intensified by the timeliness of the need for clarity… this context that sets the stage for my role as a collaborator to engage the cognitive and intuitive awareness of the client to uncover their breakthrough and the way forward. The Pivot is the name for the consultation service. The Pivot is a 2-Meeting, fee-based consultation with 2 Deliverables: 1st The client experiences clarity revealed as new understanding about the specific problem; 2 nd the client defines a pathway forward, an Action Strategy. It’s possible I can be help to you…or someone you know exploring The Pivot.


 Session 1 The client experiences clarity discovering new understanding and awareness about the specifically defined consultation problem.

Session 2 The client defines a path forward, an Action Strategy, based on newly discovered clarity.


What kinds of problems might a client choose to bring to The Pivot Consultation?

Professional Examples:

  • Client or colleague conflict
  • Career-path exploration
  • Workplace team conflict
  • Important upcoming decision/ meeting blurred by competing objectives
  • Communicating a challenging workplace problem to your boss
  • Making the decision to leave your employment to take a new job
  • Fear of getting fired; Lack of career fulfillment – putting-in-your time at work
  • Unresolved worry and stress now interfering with your workplace productivity

Personal Examples:

  • Finding greater happiness in managing your home/work schedule
  • Parenting problem(s) getting out of hand
  • Feeling ‘lost’/ a desire for a greater sense of purpose
  • Feeling fearful, angry, resentful about communication challenges in a marriage
  • An overwhelming financial conflict
  • Don’t like how I interact with my spouse, significant other, friends
  • An important relationship in my life is changing and I don’t know what to do


The 2-Meeting consultation moves from need for clarity to taking action with clarity specific to the client’s  defined, professional/personal problem.  The process uncovers the hidden cause(s) of the client’s confusion appearing as doubt, fear, misperception, conflict, mistrust, uncertainty, dissatisfaction, or discomfort.

The consultation employs a Defining-the-Problem process guided by Russ prior to the first consult meeting. The Pivot consultation Deliverables are premised on this essential process.


$225 for (2) One-Hour Sessions

The consultation fee is payable to Passkeys Foundation.  $50.00 of the fee is a tax-deductible, charitable gift purposed to help fund community programs supported by the foundation.  The fee structure hi-lights a collaborative Life Growth theme: “As I receive help… I help another.”


“Your consultation has helped me with my career path and options. I have been interviewing with a small company. Assessing the opportunity was so much easier to reject because of your help. I have much more clarity about what critical elements need to be present when looking at opportunities.”

“I met with Russ during a most stressful and unpredictable time of my life like a fish out of water. Russ has an un-matched ability to connect on a very deep level and relate in a way I had never experienced with anyone.”

“You listened intently to the issues presented regarding a long standing relationship that had become increasingly challenging personally and professionally. You adroitly suggested I had some “contracts” that were mandatory and others that were optional in this relationship. These words became a tremendous catalyst in clearing up how I might think and act with this relationship. I’m grateful.”

“Working with Russ brought focus and energy to fulfilling my heart’s desires as a professional and individual. I experienced confidence pursuing my direction with the realization that my goal is much more reachable than I had imagined.”

“I moved from our meeting with a greater sense of purpose. The clarity of our experience provided me the courage to have the needed workplace conversation in order to take action.”


Russell Williams Inspirational Speaker, Author, Mentor/ CoachI have been helping people with their problems for nearly all of my professional life.     As  a pastor I spent eighteen years from 1978-1995 meeting hundreds of people coping with, managing or resolving small and big problems.

From 1996 to the present, while serving as President of Passkeys Foundation, I   regularly  became the unexpected, yet timely, trusted confidante to professionals who connected with me, often unscheduled, for the purpose of spending quality time to talk about a problem.

Over many years I have experienced the relationship’s Sweet Spot: When an individual’s desire to explore a specific problem is intensified by the timeliness of a need for clarity about the problem, this context sets the stage for my role as a collaborator to engage the cognitive and intuitive awareness of the individual to help uncover their breakthrough and way forward.