Passkeys Foundation presents a delightful experience of charitable giving for donors who wish to support the inspirational mission of this publicly supported non-profit.

Financially supporting a non-profit organization is a simple task. But, hidden within the task  for the Giver is the opportunity for moments of self-reflection about the care, intentionality, and heart & mind of conscious giving serving the greater Good. In such moments, generosity becomes art as the Giver experiences the joy of selfless giving.

In 2012, Russ Williams, founder of Passkeys, began an unexpected, joyous journey that continues today. A friend invited him to participate in a six-week oil painting art class led by Tom Brown, a nationally recognized impressionist painter.   In six magical weeks, Russ discovered a whole new world of rich inspiration.  He discovered light and color as he crudely placed paint on small canvases giving birth to what has now become his love of impressionistic landscapes.

When teacher Tom said, “Don’t paint what you see, paint what you feel,”   he gave Russ the freedom to explore the joy of mixing colors on a palette… to place on a canvas.

So, what does you charitable gift supporting Passkeys have to do with Russ’ painting endeavors?  With your conscious generosity of a charitable gift to Passkeys, you receive a gift of a small art canvas painted by Russ.

Do know one thing about this little gift of joyous color from Russ:  The value of your generous charitable gift to Passkeys far exceeds the value of his art!  But, let it be a reminder…generosity is art!

Take a look below and enjoy viewing just a handful of the small,  oil canvases  Russ has enjoyed creating to express  gratitude for the charitable gifts to be received by Passkeys Foundation to further its mission of inspiring influence for good at home, at work and in the community!

Then go to SHOP and make your Generosity is Art  tax deductible donation.

Thank you for your contribution expressing your influence to serve the good!

Passkeys Foundation is a 501(c)(3); 509(a)(1) publicly supported foundation.

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