RQ Factor

The RQ Factor is our Tantalizing Tuesday Tidbit inspirational book of the week presented by  its co-author, Todd Bagley, an OC Influencer and Mike Brenhaug.  I asked Todd for some personal reflection about WHY he and Mike teamed up.   Here’s what Todd had to say,

todd  “In my experience too many sales and marketing professionals suffer because they have failed to think and plan strategically. Instead of anticipating market saturation (or worse, failing to recognize how competitive forces help accelerate this phenomena), these poor souls approach their current marketing challenge as if it never changes. Even c-levels can fail to remember how change is the only constant. It’s a serious mistake many do not realize they cannot afford to make.

“Even more serious is a seemingly ubiquitous bad habit called leading with solution. Sellers who open conversations this way take a big risk because this approach most often fails to capture and hold the attention of their audience. Mike and I felt large swaths of the marketplace could use a little help unpacking the purchase decision in order to better understand the required steps a buyer needs to take before he becomes interested in a given solution.

“Most of all, Mike and I wanted to give professionals all across America a crisp, fun way to remind themselves why they are being successful. And Rick’s music certainly helps us maximize the Enjoyability factor. The RQ Factor offers a ton of useful value in less than 120 pages. We can’t wait to release the audio book in time for the 2015 holiday gift-giving season!”

Here’s an Amazon Reader Review about The RQ Factor:

“This is a deep book about the highest-level manner in which business should be conducted with an enlightened view of relationships and an overarching philosophy about the meaning of life. And if you play the CD with spoken word and music(soon to be released) , it can be a total experience! The authors are well-read and thoughtful, as well as thought provoking.  Potentially dangerous to your comfort zone if you’re only interested in getting to the bottom line asap!”

And let me jump in with a closing thought:  Todd and Mike have written a book that’s full of wisdom with a playbook of useful, creative information that allows the Reader to explore both personal growth and business sustainability built on the foundation of perennial values.